They call me Emza

Richmond, VA soul currently residing in Washington, DC. You can find me traipsing around town in my TOMS with a smile, my camera, and chocolate - always need chocolate. I photograph travel adventures, groovy couples, raw lifestyle moments, & random things I venture across.

My list of favorite things includes my family, first snowfalls of the year, stargazing, podcast discussions, mindfulness, and naming inanimate objects (my camera is Alfred). 

Photography is a constant adventure and I'm grateful for the opportunity to capture such personal and candid moments.

It can be a challenge to see things in new and interesting ways at times, especially with the sensory overload we are provided with daily.  Perfectly curated photos line our social feeds and we commonly find ourselves overwhelmed with comparisons. I like to view mundane, or ordinary things with a new perspective, and I always try to find the beauty in all things considered imperfect or incomplete.  To me, there is joy in everything.